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The Parent's Journey
Become a Savvy Traveler
Learn four keys to successful parenting.

key 1. Give unconditional love

Communicate unconditional love for your children, knowing that some days this seems easy and some days this seems impossible. Expressions of unconditional love, which call for being fully in the moment with your child, can happen in unexpected, everyday moments.

key 2. Model values

Model the moral values that lead to hardy personality roles, knowing that your children constantly face cultural value systems that differ from your values. Stand up for your values.


3. Collaborate with other adults

Collaborate with relatives, friends, and teachers in affirming your children’s unique identities. Every child has special qualities.

key 4. Treasure interactions with your child

Treasure individual interactions with your children. Realize that your children share their learning with you, just as you share your learning with them.


Continue the Journey

Gather Family Stories:
Both children and adults have basic needs.

Be Here Now:
Deal with one interaction at a time.

Map Your Personality:
We each have a peaceful core.





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