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The Parent's Journey
Parenting is a journey that a caretaker travels with a child,
rather than a set of actions that an adult performs.

A caretaker's discipline of a child flows from their values and their understanding of basic needs. However, many caretakers may not grasp either their own or their child's basic needs.

When raising a child, parents must re-negotiate unmet needs
that surface from their childhoods as their youngsters pass through
phases of development.

In addition to "how-to" suggestions for common childhood problems, It Takes a Child to Raise a Parent delivers "how-come" answers. Learn more by going to:

Gather Family Stories
Both children and adults have five basic needs.

Become a Savvy Traveler
Learn four keys to successful parenting.

Be Here Now
Deal with one interaction at a time.

Map Your Personality
We each have a peaceful core.





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